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Innovative and trendy:
Instant Malt Soft Drinks from sachet or Bag-in-Box

Instant malt beverages are rapidly solvable, have full-bodied taste and a great look: they are completely clear in the glass. Enriched with carbonated water they create a beautiful head. Really trendy! Malt soft drinks are also in line with the spirit of time for less sugar, which is replaced by natural malt. Malt is popular with children, women and men since ever. The best: Instant malt drinks are now available from GranMalt for your sachet or bag-in-box beverage concepts!

You are beverage bottler, caterer or beverage distributor? You want to respond to the life style with malt based soft drinks? You want to make your own malt soft drink directly at point of sale? Or do you need a beverage innovation that is alcohol-free to 100 percent? For example for the Muslim market? Then GranMalt’s instant malt drink concept is just right for you!


GranMalt hat eine patentierte Technologie zur schonenden Granulation von Stammwürze entwickelt.

The Instant Malt Drink Concept –
what’s this?

GranMalt has developed a patented technology for gentle granulation of wort. The custom-specific granules are containing the required beverage recipe – but without water. Just 15 grams are enough for 200 ml clear malt soft drink. Depending on the concept, the granules are packed airtight and therefore long lasting in sachets or in bag-in-boxes. Beer and malt beverages popular foam arise when carbon dioxide is added when tapping a fresh drink from the bag-in-box right at the point of sale.
More about GranMalt malt granulates ….

Malzgranulat von GranMalt entsteht

Awarded technique.
GranMalt’s Production Process

First, the raw material, the liquid and microbiological sensitive wort, is produced in breweries’ wort kettles. For the granulation process the wort is concentrated and then dried with care in a gentle encapsulation process. The special feature of the GranMalt process: Flavours are encapsulated in an onion-like structure, being preserved for a long time. Also the important wort components necessary for a good beverage foam are not changed during the granulation process.
About granulation process ….

GranMalt entwickelt mit Kunden individuelle Instant-Malzgranulat-Konzepte für individuelle Malt Softdrinks

Develop your own Instant Malt Drink
with GranMalt!

Are you perhaps a bottler or caterer? Then our new instant-malt granule-concept for sachets or bag-in-boxes opens up completely new distribution channels and production concepts at the point of sale! Our team of specialists will support you developing your own individual recipe, to create a really good instant malt-based product. And GranMalt accompanies you further from the first pilot granulation up to an industrial granule production. Even the packaging in small sachets we do for you.
More about customization ….

Gerhard KamilOur new concept for Instant Malt Drinks based on granules is an ideal, standardized approach, for the beverage industry and for caterers, for example. By using GranMalt, such companies can bring their individual, completely non-alcoholic malt drinks to the market place in a fast, affordable and highly efficient way. This is interesting not only for the Arab world! No water needs to be transported anymore! And the granules are very long lasting. Gerhard Kamil, CEO GranMalt AG.

At a glance: Instant malt drinks advantages

100 % free of alcohol
Granules for instant malt drinks and malt beverages based on them include the entire malting and brewhouse process. They are completely free of alcohol, as never any alcoholic fermentation took place. And therefore they are an ideal extension of your offering in muslim countries. But also in western countries the attention about 100 percent alcohol free malt beverages is growing permanently!

Malt is a natural product…
… known and appreciated worldwide. Malt drinks are completely within consumer trends. Products based on the GranMalt’s malt granules containing little or no sucrose sugar. They even can be made without sucrose completely! And they are containing the valuable natural malt ingredients such as proteins, minerals and maltose. Also maltotriose, which is a natural, long-lasting energy reserve for the body.

Easy to handle and very economical
You want to develop your own malt based soft drinks or want to make your own malt drinks in a chain of restaurants directly at the point of sale? No problem! 2 kg of individually developed granules poured on site in a bag-in-box result in 25 litres of malt soft drink. “Just add water”. Our innovative one-way logistic and production concept is so simple and brings additionally enormous savings in transport.

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